december 30th, 2021

ok so its the night before new years eve and i had an awesome fucking dream. so im with this guy right? and we're like walking around this place with a bunch of painting and movie posters and shit, and we can jump into the movie posters like some kind of mario 64 and go into the movies. and we go into one that starts in a mindless self indulgence concert and this guy, absolutely fuckin diggin it right? well I'M NOT!!!!! so i start shouting at jimmy urine like "boo fuck you pedo man eat shit i hate your music" and he starts crying like a little itty bitty bitch baby and he pisses himself and runs off stage crying. the guy i was walking with slaps me in the face so i vomit in his mouth. i woke up afterwards. best. dream. EVER!!

december 31st, 2021

im still kinda contemplating whether this should be logged as december 31st or january 1st, because i went to bed at midnight, but it was morning, not night. so i'm going to consider it as december 31st idk i might change it later. alright so the scene kid from the last dream is back, i'm not sure if he's gonna be like a recurring character in my dreams or not, i'll have to see tonight. so we're on a date again, this time at a resteraunt. he's apologized to me for being an msi fan and i've apologized to him for vomiting in his mouth. we haven't ordered anything yet, but the damn waiter comes up early!! i dont give a shit, i'm hungry. i start eating whatever that fuckin waiter gave me, i dont remember what it was but it tasted really good. i asked for the chef to come out and holy shit, the chef is wario!!!!! and the waiter is rivers cuomo! i shit myself out of excitement, the scene kid leaves, furious. i wake up and my pants were pooped.

january 2nd, 2021

so i remembered my dream this time. i got evicted from my house and i had to live in an elementary school gymnasium.. for some reason. i didn't have a bed or anything to sleep on, i just had to sleep on the floor. i remember that they were playing a documentary about dollar stores on the projecter, while playing dodgeball. and every time they hit the dodgeball another one appeared and the gym filled with dodgeballs like a liminal space pool that'd make a twelve year old go "whoa that seems familiar.. so creepy" and then shit themselves. weird dream.

january 6th, 2021

so i was this fuckin daycare right a week ago and i was like hangin with the kids and shit and all of a sudden, whadda you know before you know it lil' mike was on my shoulder like jimeny crickets. he kept sayin "brown bricks minecrap" and shitting himself. so i grabbed lil' motherfucker mike by his tiny shoes and put him in the spin cycle (the pooper) for a few. every time he poked his incredible-lee dwarfish head out of the spin wahtah he would scream like a little baby and cry. i took him out once he was soppin' wet (trademark) the first thing he said when i put the little miker back on my shoulder was "elbis", he started singing in a perfect imperson of elvis presley, "house rock" jail. i flicked him off my shoulder and he was caught by an board jame in the distance, who was playing mr bucket ballsuck XTREME 2000 by himself, while talking to seemingly nobody. i noticed bad luck boot. sy, bringing a toy shark into the men's bathrobe. i did not see him for time of the rest. i noticed kyle justin man behind the couch guitar guy sitting in the lil' scrapey movie picture section in the daycare. the projecter was just showing a powerpoint slide of acoustic guitars and everytime he saw one he would start clapping and stomping and shouting "YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! THIS IS WHAT I WANTED TO SEE!", every time he saw one he did not paticurlary enjoy he would pound the plexi glass behind him, shattering it whilslt shouting "NO! NO! NO! ITS JUST NOT FAIR! THIS IS not WHAT I WANTED TO SEE!". doug walker (nolstag critc) was standing in middle of daycare the center like a protaginist in a video games who control died in battle. every couple minute sparsticaly, he would break into an incredibly impressive choreographed dance, 10/10 btw, and shout "THE DUGGLER"

january 9th, 2021

i was at this local city event, and they made us go through this incredibly complicated water slide/human car wash thing and it was super weird and once we got out we were all seated in this room with a big screen like 1984, and weezer was there for some reason, and i got a call from my dad and he just screamed "HELP" and then i woke up.